Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2017

First thing: Autumn is here and it’s awesome! It is by far my most favorite season for dressing up and – confession time – I have been looking forward to putting together a capsule for this season the most by far!

In this post I am going to talk to you about my planning proces + goals + a little bit about my budget and shopping, which has changed a little since the last two seasons.

Let’s go.


Having two capsules under my belt means I have had two really different experiences of putting a capsule together. I love that about this experiment – you get multiple chances to tweak and hone and start all over again 🙂

This time, my prep was a little bit of both worlds: visuals + keywords.

My key words/vibe for this season’s capsule? A little bit vintage + edgy/cool + classic / preppy minimalism. Yep, some potential contradictions there, but I’m not sweating it – there’s room for different styles in my wardrobe this season 🙂

Number wise, my autumn capsule is a little larger than my summer capsule with 33 items. I may invest in a few more items as the season goes on, but for the most part I am interested in keeping my wardrobe at around this number.

I spent around 200 euros for my entire autumn wardrobe which yikes – is a lot, but also involved things like shoes and higher quality sweaters – things I will be wearing for seasons to come, so this number is alright for me 🙂


1 | Try out a cool/edgy style for ten days by doing a 10×10. This time, I intend to fully commit to that edgy/cool style I really want to try out – and a 10×10 sounds like the perfect time to fully commit 🙂 I’m so excited for this one!

2 | Plan out my outfits. Taking that extra time to plan out + style my outfits for the week will hopefully lead to more interesting and stylish combinations – and I won’t get that feeling of untapped potential at the end of the season.

3 | Tone down on my shopping. I have a few winter investments coming up – like a good winter coat and some new Vans, so this one doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing any shopping at all, but I really want to try to keep my shopping low and to use more of what I already own to see what the gaps in my wardrobe really are, rather than feel overwhelmed by a multitude of clothes and options.

4 | Try a new format of keeping track of my style this season. I write on this blog to keep track of my changes + thoughts on fashion as they happen, but as visuals speak louder than words, I am going to take pictures of my outfits for the first time and yipes – I am so nervous and excited about this!

And there you have it!

Pst – Since I am halfway through my year of capsuling, I am doing a Q + A soon where I’ll share some of my insights + experiences of the last half year + what I would love to focus on for the next part of the year. Anything I can’t miss out on – I’d love to hear!


Summer capsule recap

My summer capsule is almost coming to and end and honestly – I have been really excited to do this recap post the last few weeks.

I had such a blast this with this season’s capsule! This season, I really felt like I’ve been hitting my stride + seeing the joy and fun of doing this capsule experiment.

I mean, was it challenging? Yes. Summer style has never really been my strong suit.

Have I made mistakes? You bet.

But this season for me will go down as one where I really changed my perception of style, of fashion “shoulds” I had before and of preconceived notions of what I thought I needed to look like to be stylish.

Here are my lessons + observations of this season’s capsule:

1 | My new approach to capsuling works!

Last season, my capsule was focused on the kind of style I admired and thought I really wanted – and so I looked for items that resembled the kind of style I saw on my favorite styleblogs – but the results would not quite look perfect for me. This time, instead of  focusing on the kind of style I wanted, I focused on how I want to feel in my clothes. My prep had very few visuals to guide me and were instead replaced by key words that I had to give my own meaning to.

While I still really like finding inspiration from style blogs and Pinterest, I really enjoyed not being tied down to a particular style or “must haves” or “essentials” that were supposed to make up my wardrobe. Letting go of these “shoulds” freed up so much space to be more creative + more open minded about my style.

2 | My wardrobe has two, three, maybe more styles… and that’s cool 🙂

This one is a big one for me – not just for this season but for the whole capsule experiment altogether.

Before I went into this year of capsuling, I used to beat myself up about the fact that I couldn’t stick to one particular style.

This season I am learning that having different styles in your wardrobe is actually a really cool thing. It means that style is a lot more fluid and versatile and interesting 🙂  Just like our lifestyles. Because of this, I haven’t run out of outfit ideas just yet – which is a pretty big difference from last season.

3 | Don’t be afraid to add colour, detail or different textures.

If there’s anything that I felt was lacking in my summer capsule is that there ended up being verrry little colour and variety of textures. Most of my wardrobe was firmly in the charcoal/black/blue kind of corner.

While I think those colours are still pretty chic, I would have liked to have had items in different textures and colours to kind of off-set the dark neutrals to have slightly more interesting outfits. Lesson learned!

Overall impression

Overall, I really enjoyed this season’s capsule. I had always thought summer dressing was going to be really tricky for me but I was having a much easier time than in my first capsule.

I also feel like my wardrobe and outlook on my style has changed so much this season, going from what I thought I would have to do to look like the styles I adored to something now that is based on how the clothes makes me feel.

I am really excited to see how that translates to future capsules!

Next up – time for my autumn capsule prep, a.k.a my favourite fashion season!

10×10 remix challenge review

I had such an interesting time doing the 10×10 remix challenge for the first time!

What is the 10×10 remix challenge?

You pick 10 items from your wardrobe and remix them into 10 outfits for 10 days. That’s it! Goal? To challenge your creativity with limited choices, to see how some pieces work in your wardrobe, to try a new style… it’s really up to you.

For me, I really wanted to see if I could remix some of the pieces I haven’t been wearing as much this season into wearable, cool outfits that I could combine with some of the workhorses of this season’s capsule.

Perhaps it’s the warmer weather, but I’ve also been feeling a more minimal vibe lately, so I really wanted to style up some minimal looks that can help me through some of the warmer days of the last few weeks of this season.

What I learned about my personal style

1| Pick colours that are in opposite spectrums of eachother – dark + light colours, warm + cool tones, etc.
So my picks for my 10×10 were all in darker hues because I figured that would make for easier remixing. But my day 4… I was kinda bored of just wearing black all the time.

While I love a dark, monochrome look, I know that having a mix of warmer  and cooler colours + darker and lighter colours is going to be key to beat the boredom in future capsules and remix challenges.

2 | Different textures  = more interesting outfits
In the same vein, having different textures is also going to make super minimal looks feel a lot more stylish and interesting. I had a lot of cotton-y, cloth pieces in my 10×10, but the times I did wear my denim with lyocell, the mix of fabrics gave a cool effect.

3 | When doing minimal style, styling can make a huge difference.
I was never much into rolling up my jeans before because I’m short and I felt that it was going to cut off my legs at an awkward point – but after trying it a few times this challenge… I’m really into it!

Having a bit of space / sliver of exposed skin between the hem of your jeans and your shoes adds balance + interest to an otherwise minimal/monochromatic look.

Likewise, adding different accessories also helped transform the same outfit to a completely different vibe. One day, I was wearing my striped tank and black jeans with a statement necklace and it felt like a boho outfit; two days later, I styled the same pieces with plated earrings and my metallic disc necklace, and the wholeoutfit looked really modern/minimal. It’s such an easy way of completely changing the vibe of simple, basic items.

Overall impression

Goodness… I have been through quite a few different emotions about my clothes during this challenge.

I was really, surprisingly happy with some of the outfits I ended up making in this challenge. One of the pieces I included, a floral dress I was a bit on the fence about, has really proved itself to be a wardrobe hero. Other outfit combinations that looked good on paper did not work at all in real life.

And that’s what I like about this challenge. The lessons come quickly. 

These are all lessons I can keep in mind when dressing for the rest of the seasons + when prepping for next season. Which is really cool!

Funny thing… my shopping went way down during this challenge. Normally, I’d go and shop at least once in two weeks – or at least peruse my favorite online shops, but something about being focused on just the clothes I picked for the challenge reduced my craving to shop significantly.

Nice little side perk 🙂

What’s next

Today marks the beginning of the last month of this season’s capsule, and I gotta say, I’m pretty excited to have access to the rest of my summer capsule again!

I am also undertaking a trip to the Highlands of Scotland real soon which means planning + packing for a whole range of different weather types in one trip!

Seeing as next month is the end of my summer capsule, I will talk about my insights from this season’s capsule soon 🙂

Until then!

Summer capsule one month mark

I am in week 3 of my summer capsule wardrobe which means that I am nearly 1/3rd into this season’s wardrobe. Whew!

I know I am posting this rather early – it’s much more interesting to see what changes after a month or two – but somehow, as with last capsule, the realisations tend to come around the 3-4 week mark – I think it’s because that’s around the time I rounded up my shopping for the season and got into the stride of working my wardrobe last time – much like now.

This time around, I am already noticing that my experience of living with a capsule is very different to what it was like last time!

What’s changed?

1 | Last capsule, I tried to “finish” my capsule by week 4. It led to me buying things ‘for the capsule’ rather than things I really loved. I settled on things because I was in a hurry to ‘finish’ my capsule in time.

Nowadays? I am not in such a hurry to add new things to my wardrobe. It may have something to do with the season, too –  I don’t really need to worry about layers and such – but this time around I really want to feel like I am buying stuff I absolutely love and will want to wear instead of stuff I have to make work somehow. And you know what? as much as I love shopping, I’m kind of down with this new, ‘slow fashion’ approach.

2 | I don’t have one particular, well-defined “style” in my wardrobe right now. I am mostly focused on how things fit me – and how they make me feel that particular day. I guess you could call that a style too, but I am not really following a style template or vision like I did last season.

Does it work better? Yes – and no. I feel more free to do my own thing style wise, because I am not following a certain style but at the same time I also notice that it’s also making getting dressed a bit more boring. I love finding inspiration from other people and learning about new styling ideas/combinations I haven’t thought of yet.

Ultimately, it’s about finding that balance between being inspired by things/people elsewhere + doing your own thing. So I’m slowly allowing the visuals back into my life + closet.

3 | I am trying to strike a balance between a minimalist, no fuss style and something a little more boho/vintage/feminine – and it’s tricky! I don’t feel comfortable mixing up different styles too much yet and it’s a shame since there’s so much potential for me to explore here. I am still kind of stuck in certain fashion ‘shoulds’, when really, I should just be having fun and not care too much about making fashion ‘mistakes’. So I am going to challenge myself a bit this next month and slowly but surely, break out of the mould… hopefully!

So what’s next?

In July, I am doing my first 10×10 challenge, whoohoo! I am pretty excited to finally try one of my own after having seen Stylebee and Un-fancy try them this fall. They are going to do one in the second week of July, and this time? I am in!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2017

Ahh summer.

On the one hand, I get super excited about the longer days, the waterside drinks and the slower pace of life.

On the other, I wasn’t really made for warm temperatures, and summer dressing isn’t really my forte.

Still, or maybe because of that, I am pretty excited to dive into my second capsule wardrobe!

I learned so many things from my first ever capsule that I’m really excited to see what a different season is going to teach me + I can put some of the observations I made last season into practice.

In this post I am breaking down how the process changed + how I am putting together my summer wardrobe.

Summer Capsule Process

When I started prepping last season’s capsule, I really wanted to get rid of the feeling of having too many styles and things going on in my wardrobe.

I had kind of settled on a style that I thought was pretty cool but in practice, it didn’t really work out for real life dressing.

I got a little bit carried away with the visual ideals that existed in my mind and on Pinterest. And I often felt that, if my outfit didn’t really coincide with this ‘ideal’, I was failing at fashion.

Not something I want to keep doing.

Instead, I am throwing out the ideal and I’m going to replace that by my own definition of style.

To do this, I used Stylebee’s style story work book as inspiration – which is basically a series of reflective questions to help put into words and narrow down in key words the kind of mood/style that is totally you. The best part? No shopping, visuals or massive overhaul needed 🙂

My style right now is: polished, graceful, effortless, tough, creative and classic/timeless. I know – some opposites there – but fortunally, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, it eliminates the pressure of having to stick to just one style for a whole season!

Capsule Goals

1 | Focus on slow (ish) fashion and do my shopping more thoughtfully and consciously. While I won’t be able to afford €200 pants however well made, I want to make sure I only buy stuff that fit well + last me a while. I am not going to rush shopping for pieces this capsule – instead, I am letting them enter my wardrobe whenthe right pieces come along. 🙂

2 | Challenge myself by participating in a 10×10 this season. I have followed from Un-fancy and Stylebee, and they look like so much fun, so this summer, I’m in!

3 | Feeling over form. Last season I had this super specific style vision in my head that I really felt like I wanted copy to my wardrobe, but this time around, I am much more interesting in making sure that I feel great in what I am wearing and what I own.

First impressions

So far, so good! I am not-so-secretly enjoying this little bit of styling freedom 🙂

Other than that, my summer capsule at the moment is tiny. I can count about 25 pieces in my closet – including outerwear and shoes – and I honestly don’t know I managed to keep the number so low. I could have added in more pieces as backup, but I wanted to make sure I only stick to items I love and feel good in – no compromises – and see where that takes me.

I will likely add a few hot weather pieces as the season goes on but other than that I am happy to keep my capsule small. Autumn is typically the season I am most excited to dress for – so keeping my capsule small now means a break for my old clothes that can be carried over + more funds for shopping for next season.

I am also excited using my accessories more regularly and more thoughtfully. I invested in a few really cool pieces last season, so this season, I am interested in experimenting more with the pieces I already own but rarely wear.

A tiny capsule + less/no visuals to guide me? Looks like I’ve got my challenge set!

What are your plans for summer? Anything good coming up?

When your style changes mid-capsule

When I first started out with my capsule I was really feeling the boho vibe. I included plenty of vintagey boots, geometric patterns and patterned tops – and it totally felt like my aesthetic. The last two weeks however, I have been craving edgier, darker, rock n roll inspired outfits.

Since I am working with limited numbers within my capsule wardrobe, the challenge is making do with the clothes I have whilst reflecting the kind of style/vibe I am feeling right now. I’ve been playing around with ways to do this that doesn’t include any shopping for new clothes:

  1. Pair black with black. This is a no fail method in my books because whatever your style is, wearing black head to toe usually looks pretty edgy on its own. I have included plenty of black basics in my capsule to mix with other coloured pieces – but paired together they are going to look just as good and carry out that more edgy vibe I’m going for. Having enough of those versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways means that I don’t have to compromise on what I feel like wearing, which is pretty cool because I don’t feel like I have to settle on just one style and be done with it.
  2. Wearing tough(er) outerwear and shoes. My capsule includes a pair of moto boots and a leather jacket that I usually wear apart from eachother. Worn together with other simple, monochrome pieces from my capsule, they become the focal point of the outfit. Add a pair of sunglasses to the mix together with a black leather tote, and I’m good to go.
  3. Changing up my make-up and hair. It’s funny how much hair and makeup can do to help pull off a certain style – even if the changes are small – plus it’s a good oppurtunity to brush off on my make-up skills.
  4. Changing up my jewelry and other accessories. That is the good thing about capsule wardrobes – you don’t have to ‘capsule’ your accessories. For ‘edgy-ing’ up my style, I am pulling out some accessories that feel more ‘tough’ to me.

And on that note, it’s time for me to get ready!

Capsule Wardrobe Lessons

This is week 8 of my Spring Capsule Wardrobe, which means that I am about halfway through this season’s capsule! Whoohoo!

Seeing as there is only a little over a month left before we enter summer, I’d like to take this oppurtunity to talk about some of the lessons + things I noticed during this experiment so far.

#1: Having a capsule wardrobe really helped me to streamline my style / style direction. I noticed this most of all in my shopping for/during this season. Instead of buying what I thought I needed + what I thought kind of – sort of went with what I had in my wardrobe, now I had this super clear style vision in my mind every time I entered a shop.

As my style vision reflected the ‘style patterns’ I found on my pinterest, etc, I felt really confident to use that as a guide during my shopping. If something didn’t fit the vision, I’d do a double take – do I wear stuff like this outside the ‘vision’ or vibe I’m feeling now? Does it suit recurring events in my life? Approved!

#2: In my notebook, I noted down; “it’s worth waiting for the right kind” – which I wrote down after finally finding my cognac boots. In the past, I’d often settle for clothing I found at the moment and kind of resembled whatever vibe I was in at the time or what I thought my wardrobe needed. I ended up with a bunch of clothes that were perfectly fine – but that I didn’t reach for time and time again because I didn’t love them.

This season, I paid more attention to how I felt in the clothing when I tried them on. If I didn’t feel joyful, powerful – positive, it didn’t have a place in my wardrobe.

Sometimes that lead to me buying things that were awesome but didn’t fit my season’s capsule – and that’s okay. I know that it is stuff I will wear the hell out of in a future capsule 🙂

#3: I am learning about how fabrics influence how flattering a piece of clothing is going to be on me. This one only occured to me recently after I tried on a dress that was supposed to suit me in theory, and just didn’t – I realised that it was that kind of fabric that just didn’t suit my body type very much (or at least not as a dress). In the past I would take this kind of thing really personally – I knew what silhouettes were supposed to flatter me and suit me, so if this particular item didn’t then what was wrong with my body?

Nowadays, I realise that a different material can make a huge difference in how something falls and flatters a body – and that simply going by cut and style isn’t going to cut it anymore.

#4: I am more aware of my general aesthetic, outside of fashion. Although the heart of my style vision has stayed the same throughout the season, my wardrobe has undergone quite a lot of changes these last few weeks – I’d say that I axed/swapped about 20-30% of the things that were originally in my capsule.

That having said, the general aesthetic of the wardrobe has stayed firmly the same, and it has extended to other areas of my life too, like my interior, art works, photographing style, etc.

That organic, slightly folksy, warm but neutral style is something that I notice I am drawn towards even if it’s nothing to do with fashion. Which is kind of cool!

#5: Capsuling challenges me to take a different point of view on my clothes. Since I am working with a limited amount of stuff, I am challenged to make what I have work in different ways – and it’s already opened up a whole new world of styling possibilities for me.

I am accessorizing more often, and doing nifty little styling things like front-tucking my tops, cuffing my jeans, etc. It’s a lot of fun playing with proportions and seeing what my clothes can really do + it helps keeping me out of a style rut 🙂

#6: Capsuling has made getting dressed so much easier. I only really have to open my wardrobe, pick a top, pick a bottom and I’m done. I don’t need to do a lot of styling but if I want to dress up a little, I can add a statement necklace + some heels and I’m good to go.

More importantly though, it has given me more confidence and peace in dressing in general. Knowing that I have the tools and resources to look the way I want to means  a lot of energy for other things is freed up, and that in itself is a pretty awesome thing.

Have you done a capsule yourself? Any ‘style lessons’ you have learned? Share below 🙂