Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Recap

Can you believe we are already in December?

I am a bit late with my autumn recap since we are technically in winter capsule era already, but man, has this been an eventful capsule season.

Autumn usually is my favorite season for dressing up – and I thought this season was going to be a shoo- in when it comes to capsuling but this time around? Things didn’t really go quite as I had hoped.

But since we are in capsule land and things not working out is basically the best way to change + evolve your style, in hindsight, I feel that this has probably been the best capsule for progressing my style.

So how did I get on?

1 | First, I embraced the discontent. In the past, my first instinct when something was out of place was to go and fix it ASAP. Didn’t like how my wardrobe looked? Rush into a major overhaul. Had nothing to wear? Go out shopping for new things the next day.

I started out like this in this season’s capsule too. That is, until I realised that while it took major energy to be so busy with my wardrobe, it actually solved very little. Energy I desperately needed in other more important areas of my life.

So instead, I took a break of all this wardrobe fixing and allowed myself to be dissatisfied and direction-less with my clothes for a little while. Also – no shopping + limited Pinterest and style blog instake.

And oh boy, those few weeks of not fixing my wardrobe were tough. But you know what? after a week or two, the issues I had with my wardrobe were suddenly super clear to me. Which made it much much easier to see in what direction I had to go moving forward.

2 | Becoming more methodical about my wardrobe prep. One thing I love about wardrobe capsuling is that you don’t have to get everything right the first time around. Or the second time. Or in my case, even the third. Every season allows you a new chance to change + tweak your approach to style, and every capsule teaches new things that you can use to change your approach to the next capsule.

Up until now, I haven’t really had a very detailed approach to how I was going about my wardrobe prep; I had my goals, my style key words and some visuals to guide me and called it a day. It didn’t really take me long to figure out what aesthetic I really liked. Translating it to real life dressing? That’s a little harder.

Just like anything in life, putting together a capsule needs practice + experimentation + making mistakes a few times to get to a point where you are certain about what you’re doing.

So to get a little more specific and methodical in my prepping habits, I browsed Into Mind’s articles. If you haven’t heard of this site yet, go check it out! I also bought her book which I would highly recommend too if you are in need of a major style overhaul.

After a little bit of research I was finally asking myself the questions I ought to have been asking myself during prep – what kind of vibe do I want to channel? Which events in the next three months require what outfits? What sort of outfits do I most feel like wearing now? What areas of your wardrobe need more attention? What fabrics / styling go with your perefered style? etc.

Once I knew the answers to these questions I started to get a much clearer idea about what my favorite style actually looks like in the grander scheme of things – a.k.a what colours, items + styling make up the aesthetic I love in real life, for my particular lifestyle. Making things more practical = a major win.

Being this detailed seems like a lot of work – and it seems almost contradictory with what I have been saying before about wanting to be less busy with fashion this season, not more – but these tweaks gave me much more clarity on what kind of wardrobe I actually wanted and how to get there –  whereas previously I would be using that energy to worry about + shop aimlessly for things I though kind of fit the style I had in mind during prep.

3 |I found out about the importance of a colour palette.

In my previous few capsules, I kiiind of had an idea of what colours I liked and wanted to have in my closet.

Sort of. But it wasn’t an area I paid much attention to or really thought was all-important. As long as I had the items I liked, and they sort of went together, I was happy.

Boy, did I overlook the power of having a good colour palette in your capsule.

In the past, I had plenty of pieces that were fine on their own, you know, great on a hanger, pretty in my capsule. In reality? They just wouldn’t really go together. As a result I was rarely able to put together a look that looked structured and cohesive in one look – let alone a handful of looks from only a limited amount of pieces.

I have definitely changed my opinion on this one, guys.

Colour palettes are like the lifeline of a capsule. They are the elements that tie your capsule together and gives it the structure to make everything in there part of a “look” – rather than a wardrobe with lots of pretty, individual items that don’t mesh well.

I am so late to the party on this one, I know!

Part of planning out a colour palette meant that I have started to get a much better grasp of what colours and styles I actually like to wear. And as it turns out, I actually really really love a colourful, vibrant style. I would now describe my style as a sort of hybrid between colourful/eclectic and a minimal style. Lots of colour blocking, minimal accessories, neutrals mixed with pops of vibrant hues – that’s my jam right now.

Once I went with my gut and started to embrace colour, things started to fall into place and my wardrobe came together well, pretty quickly pretty easily.

That’s how I know that this style is going to work for me in the long haul – the easy and natural way things came together this time around is a definite first for me in this whole capsule experiment.


3 Things I learned from capsuling so far

Happy dance because, I have made it to the half year mark of this capsule wardrobe experiment!

I know, a half year technically isn’t that long. But for someone who finds it hard to stick to a goal or resolution, this is pretty major.

I have already written recaps on my first and second capsule before – so this post won’t be a rehash of that – instead, I am sharing the stuff beyond the details of the last two seasons, the style lessons and changes within my mind set when it comes to fashion.

These are the three most major style lessons I have learned so far:

1 | Owning less isn’t about pruning until there’s as little as possible left in your wardrobe. For the most part, I love the message of minimalism. Be more with less. External stuff does not create happiness. Having less declutters your mind.

It’s easy to be swept up in the mindset of minimalism – that we shouldn’t own more than what we could – hypothetically – fit into a backpack. Sometimes, owning too much can overwhelm with too many options +choices.

And then there’s the other school of thought where some feel like having options is a good thing, and that limiting your wardrobe to a number seems odd and arbitrary.

I kind of find myself in the middle of both mindsets. Here’s a little background info on my situation; I live in a one room studio apartment. My storage options? They are pretty limited. Except for three drawers under my bed and a shelved cabinet + a small hanging wardrobe, I don’t have anywhere to store my clothes. Having lived with few storage options all my life means that regular pruning has always been part of the deal.

If I was to strictly follow the rules of throwing out anything you haven’t worn in over six months, I’d be getting rid of about 75% of my clothes. But I am glad I didn’t. I keep rediscovering old pieces I now know how to wear, because my wardrobe has changed, trends have changed, I learned how to style differently, etc. I have been reaching for stuff I haven’t worn in two years that now live happily in my capsule.

I watched the documentary “Minimalism” on Netflix the other day and one sentence stuck out to me: minimalism isn’t about owning less, it’s about owning enough. As long as whatever item has a purpose and a meaning in your life, there’s no reason to throw it out.

So, I am not sweating the number 🙂

2 | Finding a signature style is a very gradual process. Getting to the bottom of your style takes a looong time. Plus, there’s always the issue of having limited funds which means that even if you find everything on your wishlist, it isn’t realistic to expect your wardrobe to be finished within a season.

I am happy to have found some foundation pieces these last two capsules that I know will last me for many more seasons to come but despite having a pretty clear idea of what I like and what I’d like my style to be, I am FAR from having that perfectly curated closet. To expect perfection, especially within a short time frame, isn’t very realistic.

Instead, I am slowly embracing the fact that an ever-evolving wardrobe is something that naturally changes with our needs and lifestyle.

3 | It is worth it holding out for the perfect item. A few years ago, I was pretty exasperated about my body and not being able to dress it as I liked. I don’t have the model body that most commercial clothes seem to be designed for, and since my funds aren’t high enough that I can afford to alter everything at the tailor, it left me feeling like I shouldn’t expect too much out of the fit of my clothes.

But every now and then I would come across a rare gem of clothing that fit me perfectly, and those are the items that have stood the test of time + are now still in my wardrobe.

And really – if I was to name one major, overarching goal for my wardrobe is that some day, my closet consists only of those rare gems that are always going to fit right + make me feel fabulous.

These last two capsules, I have fell down the trap of buying placeholders for certain items I wanted – and I wore them all maybe a grand total of two times during the whole season. But I am slowly learning that waiting until you feel completely and 100% happy with an item is worth the time and wait.

A bit like that thing in Harry Potter where they try out wands for the first time in Olivander’s 🙂

And there you have it – three major style lessons I learned this last half year!

So what’s next?

I am still in the middle of restructuring my fall capsule and honestly – this time around I feel a little more organised and mindful about it all. I have found a few helpful + free online tools that are helping me tremendously to get to the heart of my wardrobe issues + is giving me lots of new insights. I will share my new & revised process + tools I used very soon!

When a capsule doesn’t work out

I wrote about my autumn capsule prep two weeks ago – and for the first time, I have to say that, one month in,  I am feeling kind of off about my capsule this season.

It could be because my body has been going through some changes, or my life in itself feels like in it’s a bit of an impasse – but I am just not feeling my wardrobe choices and outfit options at the moment. Last week, I recountered a feeling I haven’t felt like in months – I had absolutely nothing to wear.

At least, that’s what it felt like 🙂

And so I am doing something that strictly is against capsule rules – I am going back to the drawing board.

Well, kinda.

My first thought when I felt off with my wardrobe was that I would have to overhaul everything again – replanning, restructuring, shopping again.

But one of my goals this season is to shop less, not more. Spending the same amount of time/energy/money as I did at the end of last season into a whole new, restarted wardrobe just cause I feel off with it goes against why I am capsuling in the first place.

So, while I will be doing some restructuring and planning and overhauling, this time I am taking my time with it + try and embrace this feeling of discontent, instead of switching into change mode and fighting against it. Discontent or friction to me means that things are changing and evolving – and that’s exactly what I have been wanting out of this year of capsuling.

And you know what? I am kind of excited about that, because it means that the last half year of capsuling has changed my perceptions more than I expected it to. There’s as many lessons to learn from failure as there is from success – and I just gotta embrace that 🙂

Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2017

Autumn is here!

I gotta tell ya, out of all the capsule seasons, this one I’ve probably looked forward to the most. There’s just something about autumn that makes dressing up so much easier + fun.

In this post I am sharing my planning proces + goals + a little bit about my budget and shopping, which has changed a little since the last two seasons.

Let’s go.


Having two capsules under my belt means I have had two very different experiences of putting together a capsule. I love that about this experiment – you get multiple chances to tweak and hone and start all over again 🙂

This time, my prep was a little bit of both worlds: visuals + keywords.

My key words/vibe for this season’s capsule? A little bit vintage + edgy/cool + classic / preppy minimalism. Yep, some potential contradictions there, but I’m not sweating it – there’s room for different styles in my wardrobe this season 🙂

Number wise, my autumn capsule is a little larger than my summer capsule with 33 items. I may invest in a few more items as the season goes on, but for the most part I intend to keep my wardrobe this small.

I spent around 150 euros for my entire autumn wardrobe which yikes – is a lot for me, but also involved things like shoes and higher quality sweaters – things I will be wearing for seasons to come, so it’s not too bad considering. I am still getting used to this whole slow fashion, investment shopping thing!


1 | Try out a cool/edgy style for ten days by doing a 10×10. This time, I intend to use the 10×10 to fully commit to a more edgy/cool style I’ve been craving recently. I may extend the  challenge and do another one later in the season with another style or with different pieces. I’m really excited about this one!

2 | Tone down on my shopping, by a LOT. I have noticed that in the past few years, one of the few things that got me out of a bad mood or distracted me from stressful times has been shopping.

And, well, it isn’t something I am really proud of. I don’t want to depend my well-being on something external. More importantly, it’s just a temporary fix.

Having the guidelines and structure of a capsule wardrobe means that my shopping habits have changed for the better already, but it is still an emotional crutch I rely on when things aren’t well. So this season, I want to enjoy and make the most of what I own + shop less.

I’d love to explore what more I can do to make shopping something I do sporadically and when there’s a need for it, rather than an activity as a bandage to hard times. I’ll do a post later this season on how I am going to try to achieve & work on this.

3 | Try a new format of keeping track of my style this season. I write on this blog to keep track of my changes + thoughts on fashion as they happen, but as visuals speak louder than words, I am going to take pictures of my outfits for the first time and yipes – I am so nervous and excited about this!

And there you have it!

Summer capsule recap

My summer capsule is almost coming to and end and honestly – I have been really excited to do this recap post the last few weeks.

I had such a blast this with this season’s capsule! This season, I really felt like I’ve been hitting my stride + seeing the joy and fun of doing this capsule experiment.

I mean, was it challenging? Yes. Summer style has never really been my strong suit.

Have I made mistakes? You bet.

But this season for me will go down as one where I really changed my perception of style, of fashion “shoulds” I had before and of preconceived notions of what I thought I needed to look like to be stylish.

Here are my lessons + observations of this season’s capsule:

1 | My new approach to capsuling works!

Last season, my capsule was focused on the kind of style I admired and thought I really wanted – and so I looked for items that resembled the kind of style I saw on my favorite style blogs – but the results were not as perfect as I wanted. This time, instead of  focusing on the kind of style I wanted, I focused on how I want to feel in my clothes instead. My prep had very few visuals to guide me and were instead replaced by key words that I had to give my own meaning to.

While I still really like finding inspiration from style blogs and Pinterest, I enjoyed not being tied down to a particular style or “must haves” or “essentials” that were supposed to make up my wardrobe. Letting go of these “shoulds” freed up so much space to be more creative + more open minded about my style.

2 | My wardrobe has two, three, maybe more styles… and that’s cool 🙂

This one is a big one for me – not just for this season but for the whole capsule experiment altogether.

Before I went into this year of capsuling, I used to beat myself up about the fact that I couldn’t stick to one particular style.

This season I am learning that having different styles in your wardrobe is actually a really cool thing. It means that style is a lot more fluid and versatile and interesting 🙂  Just like our lifestyles. Because of this, I haven’t run out of outfit ideas just yet – which is a pretty big difference from last season.

3 | Don’t be afraid to add colour, detail or different textures.

If there’s anything that I felt was lacking in my summer capsule is that there ended up being verrry little colour and variety of textures. Most of my wardrobe was firmly in the charcoal/black/blue kind of corner.

While I think those colours are still cool, I would have liked items in different textures and colours to kind of off-set the dark neutrals. Lesson learned!

Overall impression

Overall, I really enjoyed this season’s capsule. I had always thought summer dressing was going to be tricky. As it turns out, I was having a much easier time this time around than during my first capsule.

I also feel like my wardrobe and outlook on my style has changed so much this season. I am now much more about a personal, intentional approach, rather than having a wardrobe that ticks all the boxes off some website’s list.

I am really excited to see how that translates to future capsules!

Next up – time for my autumn capsule prep, a.k.a my favourite fashion season!

10×10 remix challenge review

I had such an interesting time doing the 10×10 remix challenge for the first time!

What is the 10×10 remix challenge?

You pick 10 items from your wardrobe and remix them into 10 outfits for 10 days. That’s it! Goal? To challenge your creativity with limited choices, to see how some pieces work in your wardrobe, to try a new style… it’s really up to you.

For me, I really wanted to see if I could remix some of the pieces I haven’t been wearing as much this season into wearable, cool outfits that I could combine with some of the workhorses of this season’s capsule.

Perhaps it’s the warmer weather, but I’ve also been feeling a more minimal vibe lately, so I really wanted to style up some minimal looks that can help me through some of the warmer days of the last few weeks of this season.

What I learned about my personal style

1| Pick colours that are in opposite spectrums of eachother – dark + light colours, warm + cool tones, etc.
So my picks for my 10×10 were all in darker hues because I figured that would make for easier remixing. But my day 4… I was kinda bored of just wearing black all the time.

While I love a dark, monochrome look, I know that having a mix of warmer  and cooler colours + darker and lighter colours is going to be key to beat the boredom in future capsules and remix challenges.

2 | Different textures  = more interesting outfits
In the same vein, having different textures is also going to make super minimal looks feel a lot more stylish and interesting. I had a lot of cotton-y, cloth pieces in my 10×10, but the times I did wear my denim with lyocell, the mix of fabrics gave a cool effect.

3 | When doing minimal style, styling can make a huge difference.
I was never much into rolling up my jeans before because I’m short and I felt that it was going to cut off my legs at an awkward point – but after trying it a few times this challenge… I’m really into it!

Having a bit of space / sliver of exposed skin between the hem of your jeans and your shoes adds balance + interest to an otherwise minimal/monochromatic look.

Likewise, adding different accessories also helped transform the same outfit to a completely different vibe. One day, I was wearing my striped tank and black jeans with a statement necklace and it felt like a boho outfit; two days later, I styled the same pieces with plated earrings and my metallic disc necklace, and the wholeoutfit looked really modern/minimal. It’s such an easy way of completely changing the vibe of simple, basic items.

Overall impression

Goodness… I have been through quite a few different emotions about my clothes during this challenge.

I was really, surprisingly happy with some of the outfits I ended up making in this challenge. One of the pieces I included, a floral dress I was a bit on the fence about, has really proved itself to be a wardrobe hero. Other outfit combinations that looked good on paper did not work at all in real life.

And that’s what I like about this challenge. The lessons come quickly. 

These are all lessons I can keep in mind when dressing for the rest of the seasons + when prepping for next season. Which is really cool!

Funny thing… my shopping went way down during this challenge. Normally, I’d go and shop at least once in two weeks – or at least peruse my favorite online shops, but something about being focused on just the clothes I picked for the challenge reduced my craving to shop significantly.

Nice little side perk 🙂

What’s next

Today marks the beginning of the last month of this season’s capsule, and I gotta say, I’m pretty excited to have access to the rest of my summer capsule again!

I am also undertaking a trip to the Highlands of Scotland real soon which means planning + packing for a whole range of different weather types in one trip!

Seeing as next month is the end of my summer capsule, I will talk about my insights from this season’s capsule soon 🙂

Until then!

Summer capsule one month mark

I am in week 3 of my summer capsule wardrobe which means that I am nearly 1/3rd into this season’s wardrobe. Whew!

I know I am posting this rather early – it’s much more interesting to see what changes after a month or two – but somehow, as with last capsule, the realisations tend to come around the 3-4 week mark – I think it’s because that’s around the time I rounded up my shopping for the season and got into the stride of working my wardrobe last time – much like now.

This time around, I am already noticing that my experience of living with a capsule is very different to what it was like last time!

What’s changed?

1 | Last capsule, I tried to “finish” my capsule by week 4. It led to me buying things ‘for the capsule’ rather than things I really loved. I settled on things because I was in a hurry to ‘finish’ my capsule in time.

Nowadays? I am not in such a hurry to add new things to my wardrobe. It may have something to do with the season, too –  I don’t really need to worry about layers and such – but this time around I really want to feel like I am buying stuff I absolutely love and will want to wear instead of stuff I have to make work somehow. And you know what? as much as I love shopping, I’m kind of down with this new, ‘slow fashion’ approach.

2 | I don’t have one particular, well-defined “style” in my wardrobe right now. I am mostly focused on how things fit me – and how they make me feel that particular day. I guess you could call that a style too, but I am not really following a style template or vision like I did last season.

Does it work better? Yes – and no. I feel more free to do my own thing style wise, because I am not following a certain style but at the same time I also notice that it’s also making getting dressed a bit more boring. I love finding inspiration from other people and learning about new styling ideas/combinations I haven’t thought of yet.

Ultimately, it’s about finding that balance between being inspired by things/people elsewhere + doing your own thing. So I’m slowly allowing the visuals back into my life + closet.

3 | I am trying to strike a balance between a minimalist, no fuss style and something a little more boho/vintage/feminine – and it’s tricky! I don’t feel comfortable mixing up different styles too much yet and it’s a shame since there’s so much potential for me to explore here. I am still kind of stuck in certain fashion ‘shoulds’, when really, I should just be having fun and not care too much about making fashion ‘mistakes’. So I am going to challenge myself a bit this next month and slowly but surely, break out of the mould… hopefully!

So what’s next?

In July, I am doing my first 10×10 challenge, whoohoo! I am pretty excited to finally try one of my own after having seen Stylebee and Un-fancy try them this fall. They are going to do one in the second week of July, and this time? I am in!